About Us

Who we are

We are a social enterprise consultancy based in Kathmandu with a skilful and committed team.

What we do

We help NGOs, Schools and Social Companies in their efficiency, growth, marketing and strategy.

How we do it

Providing tools, trainings and networking with innovation, passion, kindness and altruism.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS from the Founder:

"The creation of Nepalite would have not been possible without PHASE Nepal and all the team (Rudra, Jiban, Gerda, Maya, Babu Ram) and the rest of more than 150 staff, who warmly opened the doors to me and introduced me to the Nepali development needs, culture and working procedures.

I have developed some Excel based time-cutting tools for the Programs (Health, Education & Livelihood), as well as for Logistics, HR and Admin Departments exclusively for PHASE Nepal and they kindly allowed me to share and implement them to other NGOs in Nepal.

HARATI Computer Services have been from the beginning a kind Partner and a perfect co-Founder for NEPALITE Project. They have helped us by creating this website and other graphic material, but the most important is that they have made the commitment of donating 50% of their profit coming from Outsourcing Services to Community Projects posted on our Fundraising Platform."

"Together we have the power to transform Nepal in the Asian Switzerland."

Alberto Gamez